Call for pregnant women and mothers and babies to be released from prison

Over 600 pregnant women are in prison in England and Wales each year. We know that pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to Covid 19 They are already more likely to have high risk pregnancies and deliver their babies alone or on their way to hospitals. The lives and wellbeing of their unborn babies are being put at risk. 

On Mother’s Day, In the light of the spreading Covid-19 pandemic, we call upon the Government to organise the immediate release of pregnant women and mothers and babies to safe places. We are wholly in support of the statement issued by Birth Companions on this issue .

Please contact us for further information. 
 Dr Shona Minson, Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford Dr Laura Abbott, Fellow of the Royal College of Midwives, University of Hertfordshire

We are very pleased that Emily Goddard wrote about this call for action in The Independent Sunday 22nd March


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